Real Local Democracy

by Anne


local democracyReal local democracy means that local residents and groups have a meaningful say in what happens in their area and make the important choices about their community. There must be a new commitment to citizen participation at local level. In the digital age, good communication and easy access to information is a right.

I Will Work For:

  • Regular, accessible information about the work of the Council for all local residents
  • Smart and active use of social media for information, participation and debate on local issues
  • Consultation and engagement with children and young people, families, older people, marginalised groups, the business community
  • A concise annual report on what has been achieved by the Council and how the local budget was used
  • A clear complaints procedures
  • Easier access to Council staff, from holding town meetings to answering questions online
  • Real public consultation on big planning decisions for the area



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