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Imagine Dundrum marks three years of work

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On Wednesday evening last, Imagine Dundrum marked three years in its campaign for the best possible future for Dundrum Village. We took the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all those who have given their expertise and guidance free of charge to assist the work over the past three years. We have benefited from graphic design help, planning and conservation advice, photography, editing of publications, event management, facilitation of workshops, and much more. Thank you to all concerned.

Imagine Dundrum – who are we?

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We are a voluntary group of local residents from across all the wider Dundrum Area, who came together in early 2016 to respond to the imminent redevelopment of Dundrum Village and to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council’s proposed Local Area Plan for Dundrum. We have been working for past three years for the future of Dundrum Village, campaigning for a thriving, accessible friendly place for all ages, that protects the village heritage, and with a modern library and civic centre on the old Shopping Centre site. As the founder and Chair of [...]

DLR Home improvement grants for older people and people with disabilities

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Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has several home improvement grant schemes for older people and people with disabilities. These grants are means tested. Application forms for these schemes are on the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown website www.dlrcoco.ie. You can contact the Council at 2054847 for more information or assistance. Housing adaptation grant for people with disabilities: This grant can help you to make changes and adaptations to your home, for example to make it wheelchair accessible add a ground floor bathroom or toilet. If you are buying or building a new home, you [...]

Imagine Dundrum Update

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I am proud to be co-founder and Chairperson of Imagine Dundrum, a group of local residents who came together in 2016 to think about how our urban village might best develop in the future. We wanted to help ensure that local people have a voice and a say in the imminent redevelopment of Dundrum Village. Imagine Dundrum has made a detailed submission to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council on all the developments we wish to see addressed in the Council’s forthcoming Dundrum Local Area Plan. We want the redeveloped Village to be [...]

2016 Was a Great Year for the Dundrum ARCH Club!

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2016 was a great year for the Dundrum ARCH Club, as the Club celebrated its ruby anniversary. Founded by seven parents, the club first opened its doors in October 1976. At the time the Arch Club was unique in catering for the social needs of people with intellectual disabilities in the community. From its humble beginning in 1976 the club has grown from about 30 members to over 100; As well as regular events such as concerts, movies and an annual trip, the group regularly attend weekly get-togethers in Ballinteer Community [...]

Proud to be Mayor of Dundrum for 2016 and 2017

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I am very proud to have been invited to be Mayor of Dundrum two years running. This is an honour given by the Dundrum Arts and Cultural Festival to a local person, in recognition of their work in the community. It was delightful to have the opportunity to formally open the Festival, to join with the school children in their story telling events, to give prizes to footballers, cyclists, bowling and bridge competitions and much more. The Festival is a great event for Dundrum, now in its 36th year – the longest [...]

We must put children at the heart of local planning

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Children must be at the forefront of the minds of our planners. Children and young people have their unique perspective on what matters in their place. They see their environment with fresh eyes and enquiring minds, Young children experience the city, town or village from a different height. What they need from and value in a place is different from what adults need. Children need open space and places for recreation, environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe environments, and a child-centred place to live, play and go to school. Engaging children in the [...]

Much to discover on the Historic Dundrum Tour!

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If you're looking for a fascinating way to spend a couple of hours this Saturday, the 'Historic Dundrum' tour could be just the thing.  John Lennon from the Dundrum Historical Society has been giving the tour every Saturday afternoon as part of the Dun-Laoghaire Rathdown Summer of Heritage. John clearly has deep affection for Dundrum and a matching deep knowledge of the place, it's past, it's people, it's story. I went on John's Saturday tour recently and listened in awe to stories of Dundrum spanning a thousand years. We began at Dundrum [...]

Have you ever heard of Aarhaus? It’s worth your while to find out more!

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Aarhaus is a town in Denmark, where a ground breaking Treaty, the Aarhaus Convention, was signed in 1998, giving citizens a truly radical set of rights in respect of the protection of our environment. Ireland ratified this Treaty in 2012. The full title of this International Treaty is the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental matters. We, as citizens, now have the right to environmental information held by public authorities, including County Councils. We have the right to participate in decisions to permit [...]

Poor housing, overcrowding and homelessness really hurt children

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Research tells us that the effects of poor housing conditions, overcrowding and homelessness include:  Missing school much more often on account of sickness or being moved from place to place Damaging the ability to learn at school and study at home Much higher risk of severe ill health and disability Higher risk of behavioural and emotional problems. The response to the housing and homelessness crisis has to be speedy, and child–centred. Children need stability, some privacy and security. Enabling school going children to stay in their present school must be a top [...]

Housing : The Case for a New Approach

By |2014-05-19T11:45:31+01:00May 19th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Huge thanks to Professor P.J Drudy, Emirtus Professor of Economics in Trinity College Dublin, who has kindly taken the time to share his paper on housing here as a guest blog. It's radical new thinking on housing provision, thought-provoking and vital to debate on our housing crisis. (Extract of  paper to the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland) After a decade of escalating house prices and rents, the bubble finally burst in 2007.  This was inevitable.  Those who purchased during the misguided “boom” were invariably advised that they must get on [...]

Independent Councillors can have more power to act

By |2014-05-15T21:00:53+01:00May 15th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Frank McDonald hit the nail on the head during yesterday’s ( (May 14th) edition of The Right Hook on Newstalk when he said that what good councils need are councillors who are articulate and free to voice people’s fears and wishes. I would add that councillors need to have the capacity to understand policy development and know how to influence that process.Independent councillors are far more ready to demand accountability and challenge policies that are not working. Party councillors are often stuck with the policies and systems of their party – they have to [...]

Foundations for the future: How the housing crisis is affecting our children

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We are experiencing a critical housing crisis right across Ireland, with the number of homeless people and families on social housing waiting lists growing rapidly.  At the beginning of this year, there were over 4,000 families on the social housing waiting list in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown alone, and as new figures just out staggering increases in rent in Dublin, that number is guaranteed to rise. While this housing crisis is an urgent one that affects our communities on many levels, one particular aspect that it is vital for us to understand is the impact [...]

The Local Property Tax – we need a fairer way

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The LPT is an unfair way of levying a tax on people’s homes, especially in the Dublin area. Property prices have risen by almost 20% in our area in the past year. There is no doubt that they will continue to rise, on account of the lack of supply of homes, and credit restrictions. When our homes are being next revalued for the property tax, we can reasonably expect our LPT bills to go up by 30% or more. And this will happen in an area that has the highest proportion of [...]

I pledge to support our homeless service budget!

By |2014-04-29T17:09:07+01:00April 29th, 2014|Uncategorized|

I am delighted to sign up to the Focus Ireland pledge to vote against any reduction in homeless services or budget until there is demonstrable reduction in the number of people who are homeless in our community. I strongly hope that all my fellow candidates in Dun-Loaghaire Rathdown will do the same. I commend Focus Ireland on this campaign and on the vital work that they do in tackling homelessness, an issue which is of crucial importance for families and communities right across Ireland. If elected, I also pledge to go further [...]

Fernhill Gardens – a public park for the people of Dublin?

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Fernhill Gardens were acquired in 1937 by Mr. Ralph Walker and his wife Susan who built an amazing collection of trees and shrubs over the next 60 years. It is now without doubt the best arboretum in South County Dublin, with in excess of thirty acres planted with rare shrubs, trees, ferns and herbaceous plants. Fernhill is sheltered by the mountains behind and has amazing views over Dublin Bay. NAMA has now put Fernhill on the open market. I want to join the call on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council from my [...]

Designing Communities that work for Everyone – a conversation with John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland

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I have been talking to John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland, about the difference that local authorities can make for people with disabilities. John believes that the spaces and places that work for people with disabilities will result in communities are better for everyone. With creative thinking, and imaginative planning, communities and neighbourhoods can be safe, comfortable and inclusive places where all the generations can participate together. Making communities accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities is an investment in all citizens, not an issue for a marginal group [...]

The Local Elections Matter Because Local Communities Matter

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The place where we live influences our lives in a big way. We forge relationships with neighbours, local businesses, community groups, and local services. The place where we live is an important part of our identity. The decisions of the Council shape our space – our footpaths, lighting, open spaces, roads, amenities, car parking, community facilities, housing, and whether our community is a good place for people with disabilities, children, older people,  – the very fabric of our daily lives. That is why local government matters. That is why residents, as citizens [...]

Council Matters at Dublin City FM

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  Local radio is a such a great asset for local communities and for people who want to share views and explore local issues. Thanks very much to Michael Fitzgerald at Dublin City FM for inviting me to take part in the "Council Matters" programme.  You can watch our conversation above or click here:  

Water Taxes & Water as a Human Right: Concerned Citizens come Together in Europe

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Irish citizens are waiting anxiously to see what they will have to pay when the new water charges are fixed. We have been promised a consultation about the level of those charges, and about the level of ‘free’ allowance for each person. Water is a basic human need and the allowances and charges must reflect that. In the meantime, European citizens (including Irish citizens) have put down a marker for the EU about the right to water, using the new tool for participatory democracy in Europe, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). A [...]